Christian Paintings & Jesus Art ~ christian paintings ~ Jesus Crucifixion painting & more!

Christian Paintings by Spencer Williams

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Christian Silk Banners landscape birds underwater animals
Arise Shine
way, truth and life
the centurion
the bride
Rock of Ages
the hands of Christ
the back of Christ
Follow Me
the lion of Judah
crown of rejoicing
God Bless America
Lion Star of David Flag
Eagle American Flag
Lamb Flag
Small Lamb square flag
Small Lion square flag
Christ Returning
Holy Spirit Fire
Roaring Lion square flag
Big Menorah Flag
Lion Of Judah w/face Flag
Standing Lamb square flag
King of Kings square flag
Roaring Lion Star Of David Flag
The Truth, The way, and Life Flag
Big Tribal flag
Seder silk (Jesus breaking bread)
New Jerusalem
Juda tribal square flag
Levi tribal square flag
Calling All Nations square flag
American Eagle square flag
Shofar Blower square flag
Ark of the Covenant silk #25
Two Houses silk #28
Ephraim Tribal square flag silk #27
Alef and Tav square flag
silk #29
Crucifixion silk #26
cades cove
John Oliver's cabin
the sentinel
field of dreams
the glade
the wagoneers
View from the top
bluebird of happiness
winter wonder
flower power
bound for glory
the nesting place
summer love
flyin' high
spring joy
Fall Glory
Virginia's for Lovers
more precious than gold
A Moments Respite
Grace & Glory
Baltimore Oriole
neither height nor depth
grass hoppin
dragon flyin
gentle giants
blue water ballet
three musketeers
the huntress
the cub scouts
ever watchful
misty morning elk
keepers of the wild
fearfully made
partners in crime
three dog night
resting place
fast forward

Christian Paintings & Jesus Art~christian paintings~Jesus Crucifixion painting & more!

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